The Humo Experience

In a small South American village, a tribal ritual would occur where all of the elite would gather and smoke from the richest and purest. Flavors would consume the air and waves of smoke, Humo, would electrify the sky. La Experiencia De Humo is more than a pastime or an activity. It is a way of life


What makes Humo E-Liquids different is the way we have fully embraced the art of formulating! Our mission is simple yet profound. We vow to never stop striving to produce the most exquisite, flavorful liquids the vaping world has ever inhaled. We achieve this by dedicating countless hours in the lab to research and development, and trial and error. We consistently assure each formula is handcrafted with precise dedication and immeasurable passion… an undeniable passion that lives deep inside all of us. We all share in the same unified vision to create a safer, better-alternative while elevating the vaping community. We work this tirelessly because we believe in it wholeheartedly.


Back when smoking was the “in” thing to do, a lot of cigarettes earliest smokers were completely oblivious to the harmful effects they could possibly face. That, combined with a lack of regulation, unfortunately left these early smokers suffering the consequences. As time went on and public education increased, many people caught wind of the terrible end results of cigarette smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. That educated public then started looking for a less harmful approach to the enjoyment of a smoke. With vaping now being a better alternative to smoking both for the smoker and the people around them, many people have decided to go that route.

Here at Humo, we wanted to push the boundaries even further. Of course we understood the immense challenge we faced, but with our top notch mixologist at the helm and a determined as well as a passionate team, we knew we would find our success. We are committed to creating the most flavorful liquids that offer dense clouds and the smoothest throat hit imaginable. It took a lot of trial and error but we believe we have created something special and are extremely excited to share our premium e-liquids with the vaping community.